20160515_123225Rescues are occasionally available for adoption at Wildflower Chinese Cresteds.  We take rescues from all types of situations – some rescues have lived in a loving home, and for reasons beyond their owners’ control need to be placed into another home, and some rescues have come from negative situations and may need special care before and after placement.  I strongly encourage adoption as an option when looking to add a Chinese Crested to your family.


All rescues will be current on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, groomed, and treated for any underlying medical conditions.  Adoption fees vary based on medical care needed.

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Currently Available

None at this time

If you have a Chinese Crested you are needing to place into a new home, please contact us.  Please include the cresteds basic information (age, hairless or puff, etc), medical information (vaccination/medical history, spayed/neutered, medical concerns), reason for rehoming, and your location.

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