Klaus 1Hairless Female: $2500 & up

Hairless Male: $2000 & up

Powderpuff Female: $1200 & up

Powderpuff Male: $1000 & up

Each dog is evaluated individually and many factors determine the price of the puppy, including overall physical structure (ie show quality), amount of body hair (true hairless, hairy hairless, etc), size, color, etc.



We have often have puppies with blue eyes! Blue eyes will add to the cost of the puppy.

Two Blue Eyes:  +$1000

One Blue Eye: +$500

Marbled (partially blue eye): +$250 per eye

All puppies are sold to PET HOMES ONLY (spay/neuter contract) unless otherwise discussed.  Show/breeding homes are only available on select puppies.  Pricing will increase for show/breeding quality puppies.

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